Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monthsary is something unique to Filipinos. It is a word coined after "Month" and "Anniversary." The meaning behind the word is almost similar to the definition of what "Anniversary" is. When one celebrates an anniversary, one refers to a special date in their lives which calls for a celebration. For example, a wedding anniversary, is a special date for couples to celebrate annually the day of their wedding. In monthsary, there is a also a special date for celebration. But the frequency this date is celebrated, occurs monthly. Between an anniversary and a monthsary the main difference is how frequent the celebration is. Filipinos love celebrations. Which is why for a Filipino couple who is in love, it has become a tradition to celebrate this special day as often as they can. The couple celebrates their monthsary either by going out for a meal together in a fancy restaurant or by giving the partner a memorable gift, from simple lovers notes to expensive items like a ring, necklace or a watch. Today, however, there are various ways on how a Filipino couple celebrates their monthsary. The couples can go travel together, can write blogs about life together, can create powerpoint presentations about them together, or can even compose music or videos about being in love with each other.

The other day, I came across a website called Monthsary ( and joined as a member. Although it says they are on beta testing, the site was almost functioning very near as Facebook. The idea for Monthsary is something like a website for young Filipinos who are in love and are willing to share their creations about being in love. Creations like messages written in powerpoint slides with accompanying music and uploading this to the Monthsary website to share to family and friends. The blog by the Admin says it all:

"celebrating a monthsary has taken a new form: from power-point presentations to  music composition and video production. The more creative mind combines all three to come up with an all-original work of art. Indeed, today's digital age has made human expressions of love or what it feels like to be in love an art creation out of love." (The Admin, 

 It is like a place where you can express how much you feel for someone. And somebody appreciates you ( I hope) for this in the website. In fact, the site was created precisely for the beautiful creations made by members about their monthsaries:

"At, we aim to gather these creations - the powerpoint slides, the music and videos and even the quotations original or otherwise, and store them in a site where these can be shared with your family and friends. These gifts of love shared by loving people is what would like to build on, starting today, to become a truly global pinoy social networking site in the near future." (The Admin,

This blog was created because of this. I was inspired to make my own blog because of what I soon realized after joining Monthsary: the idea of a monthsary is some unique to Filipinos. It showcases the creative side of Filipinos to express what they feel about someone they truly care. Thank you for reading my blog about monthsary.